I Help Small Law Firms, Sole Practitioners and Legal Consultants To Get More Clients And Increase Profits Without Working More Hours


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Specialist Help To Grow Your Law Firm From A Former 'Magic Circle’ UK Solicitor

If you’re the owner of a small law firm, or a sole practitioner or consultant lawyer building your own practice, and don’t have as many ideal clients as you’d like, or feel like you’re working too hard for too little profit, you’re in the right place.

As a former 'Magic Circle’ solicitor with over a decade of experience helping law firms to double their profits without working more hours, I know what works (and what doesn’t work) in our legal sector.

Using my proven client-attraction, conversion, and profit maximising systems and tools, together with our expert coaching and advice, you will be able to:

  • Escape the 'feast and famine’ cycle of new enquiries and replace it with a predictable and consistent flow of enquiries from high-value clients
  • Stop wasting your time giving free advice to potential clients who don’t want to pay the fees you want to charge and instead use a high-converting framework for initial consultations that mean you’ll consistently have 70%+ of enquires saying 'yes’ to working with you even at higher fees
  • Eliminate the key limiting factors for law firm profitability so you can maximise the value of each client you have, build a highly effective team to support you, and double your profits without working more hours

How to Grow Your Legal Practice Profitably

The starting point is that you need to ensure the 3 Essential Elements of a Profitable Practice (Attract, Convert, Maximise) are all working optimally in your firm or legal practice. If any one or them is not working correctly, profitable growth will be slow, costly, and difficult (at best).

Watch this 3 Step Accelerator Plan video to start your process of analysing these 3 Essential Elements in your own firm or practice, so you know exactly which steps to take to attract more of your ideal clients and increase your profits (without working more hours).

Or book a 15 minute Profitable Practice Focus Session to find out how I can help you get more clients and increase profits without working more hours.

Who Am I?

I’m Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor. I’m a former practising solicitor from a Magic Circle firm who now helps the owners of small law firms, sole practitioners, and legal consultants, to get more clients and increase their profits without working more hours.

I’m the creator of 'The Profitable Practice Programme For Lawyers Who Want More Clients and More Profits Without Working more Hours’ and the founder of 'The Entrepreneurial Lawyer Network’ for ambitious and business-minded lawyers.

I am also the author of the No. 1 Best-Selling book on Amazon 'The Client Magnet Formula For Lawyers: How to attract and convert more of your ideal clients'

Find out how I can help you get more clients and increase profits now.

Strategies and Tips for Growing Your Practice Profitably

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