By michelle_pgs | April 7, 2017


Getting clients takes time, money, and effort.

In most cases, that time, money and effort are spent on marketing or business development activities to bring in more enquiries.

But if you aren’t good at converting those enquiries into paying clients, then you could be wasting that time, money and effort – because you aren’t making the most of the enquiries you are generating.

If your success rate of turning enquiries into paying clients is less than 2 in 3, then making some simple improvements to your ‘conversion’ process is the single quickest way to get more clients and increase your profits.

The first step to making those improvements is to identify where in your conversion process you have ‘leaks’ or ‘blocks’ that mean enquiries don’t turn into paying clients at the rate they should.

The second step is to fix those leaks or blocks.

To help you with both these steps, I’ve recorded a brand new training video for you on ‘7 Steps To Client Conversion Success: How to turn more enquiries and introductions into clients’.

When you watch this video you will:

  • Understand how ‘leaky bucket syndrome’ could be causing you to miss out on new clients
  • Identify the specific weaknesses in your conversion process and how to fix them
  • Learn the 7 Steps to Client Conversion Success so you can get more potential clients say ‘yes’ to instructing you without needing to do any more marketing or business development.

There’s also a worksheet to use alongside the video so you can analyse your own conversion process and identify the steps you’ll take to improve your success rate at turning enquiries and introductions into paying clients.  You can download the worksheet from the link above the video.

You’ll get best results when you not only watch the video but take action on it.

Post a comment below to let me know what action you plan to take.

P.S Converting more enquiries is only one of the 3 Essential Elements of a Profitable Practice. To find out how to improve the other 2 Essential Elements, so you can have more clients and increased profits without working more hours, register now for my no-cost online training ‘The Profitable Practice Gameplan’.  Get More Details.

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