By michelle_pgs | September 7, 2023

Recently we visited a vineyard in Andalucía, Spain, for a “tour and tasting”.

It was excellent.

Not just the wine (we bought 6 bottles to enjoy later!) but also the experience itself.

And since then, I’ve recommended the visit to at least 3 other people who live in the area.


We nearly didn’t go.

When we read about the visit on the vineyard’s website, there was very little information except the price: EUR60 for two people.

The vineyard itself was in a remote location, about 50 minutes’ drive from where we were staying.

And it wasn’t clear what the tour and tasting would involve, or why it cost more than most other vineyard visits in the area.

So we weren’t sure whether it would be ‘worth it’, not just in terms of the money but also the time and effort to get there.

Luckily, we decided to take a chance and go anyway. And when we got there what we discovered was that EUR60 covered not only a generous tasting of the (very good) wines, but also tapas to enjoy with the wine and a private tour around the vineyard with the Operations Manager in a smart Mercedes 4×4 (we were grateful for the air con as it was 37C that day!). Plus we were invited to continue enjoying the wines and the amazing views from the tasting room for as long as we wanted.

But we nearly didn’t go because none of this was explained in advance and therefore, we had no way to understand the value of the experience on offer.

It’s the same for your law firm clients – if they don’t understand the value of what you offer (your legal expertise, your level of service, and the experience they will get if they work with you) they may be reluctant to pay the fees you quote them.

Take action

Are you doing enough to help your clients see the value of your help before you ask them to make a decision about investing in your services?

One of the best ways to show clients the value of your help is to ask ‘Value Questions’ during your initial consultation or phone call which is one of the strategies we teach in the Profitable Practice Programme.

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