By michelle_pgs | October 18, 2021

Here’s a sign I saw outside a pub in The Wirral (we were visiting my husband’s family):

(In case you can’t see the image, it says “Beer Shortage Soon – Panic Buy Here!!“)

It made me chuckle.

It wasn’t just a witty play on the petrol shortage panic-buying going on at the Shell garage directly across the road (and everywhere else in the country).

It was also a great example of Education-Based Marketing (EBM).

EBM doesn’t just say “Here’s what we have to offer“.

EBM says, “Here’s why you need it” or “Here’s why you should want it”.

In this case, the pub’s marketing was clearly tongue-in-cheek about the ‘need’ to buy beer. (And most people don’t need education in order to want to buy it!)

But for legal services, EBM is a vital technique to help more of your ideal clients understand either:

  • why they need legal help in the first place (e.g. for wills/LPAs, shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts), or
  • why do they need the level of legal expertise you provide (e.g. for litigation, conveyancing, M&A) rather than a less qualified, and perhaps lower-priced, competitor.

When your marketing helps your target clients understand more about why they need your help, or why they should want the level of expertise you provide, they might not chuckle, but they will instruct you.

Take action

Have a look at your current marketing – website pages, brochures, articles, social media posts, adverts in the local press – and ask yourself “does it do enough to educate my target clients about why they need my help or why they need my level of legal expertise?“If not, you know what you need to do.

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