This practical, step-by-step book will show you:

  • Why your existing marketing may be pushing potential clients away, and what to do about it
  • How to use a Client Magnet to attract more clients who know why they want your services, so you don’t have to 'sell’ to them
  • How to have a 'Conversation That Converts’ so that more clients say 'yes’ to working with you
  • A 5 Step System for attracting and converting more clients that you can apply in your practice or firm and get results in the next 90 days

Whether you’re a lawyer with an established practice or have only recently set one up, this book is essential reading if you want to increase the quantity and quality of your clients in a way that’s both ethical and which actually works.

Download the Worksheets and Practice Growth Calculator that accompany the book below

Worksheets Chapters 1-8

Practice Growth Calculator Chapter 9

With one simple strategy, Michelle helped to transform my client conversion rate on the initial enquiry call from 4/10 to 8/10, practically overnight. Michelle really knows her stuff and I am very grateful to her.

Jay Sahota – Managing Partner, Jarmans Solicitors

About the Author

Michelle Peters practised as a solicitor at a large international firm in London. As The Business Instructor, she now helps lawyers attract more clients and increase their profits without working more hours.

Michelle strongly believes that to grow a practice you need to be good at the business of law as well as the practise of law. Her blend of strategic advice, training (including marketing and conversion skills) and mentoring ensures her clients know what to do, how to do it, and – most importantly – actually get it done.

Within 6 months of joining the Profitable Practice Programme, our business achieved a 20% increase in fee income by implementing small changes to our existing systems. These changes were simple to do once Michelle helped us identify what we needed to do and gave us the step-by-step of how to do it. Within the same period an email marketing campaign generated an additional £12k in income by sending just one email to 20 of our previous clients. Michelle understands the challenges of running a legal practice and I have found that her Profitable Practice Programme has the tools to help us to become more profitable.

Gina Savanhu – Immigration Lawyer and Owner, Globetrot Consultancy

Next Step: A More Profitable Practice

If you want a more profitable practice as well as more clients then I recommend you create a 'Practice Growth Accelerator Plan’ – a strategic plan setting out exactly what your practice needs in order to achieve your specific growth goals. For maximum effect, your Accelerator Plan should cover how you plan to increase all seven of the Profit Zones (including how you’ll use the 'Attract’ and 'Convert’ systems I introduce in the book).

If you’d like my expert help to create your own Accelerator Plan, there are three ways I can help:

1. Learn how to create your own Profitable Practice Accelerator Plan at my FREE online seminar, The 3 Step Accelerator Plan For Small Law Firms. I'll show you the exact 3 Step Plan that's enabled other lawyers to attract more clients and increase their profits without working more hours. This runs on various dates throughout the year and you can check dates and register here:

2. Attend my one-day Profitable Practice Secrets we’ll work on creating your Accelerator Plan together and installing the three most important Practice Growth Accelerators to bring you more clients and increased profits. This option is a great way to get started working with us and to explore the true growth potential of your firm or practice.

3. Work with me privately, so I can help you create your Accelerator Plan by identifying the specific Practice Growth Accelerators your firm needs and then help you to implement them quickly and effectively through my Profitable Practice Programme. This option is ideal if you’d like to double your profits in the next 12 months.

I was hesitant to instruct a business coach as I was adamant I knew my business better than anyone. However, after my first 'Gameplan’ session with Michelle, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. We mapped out where the business was heading, where I wanted it to go and what I needed to do to get there. I felt anxious about the size of the goals we’d set, but exuberant and ready to achieve the impossible with Michelle’s guidance, so I decided to join the Profitable Practice Programme to get help implementing my Gameplan.

I never thought this would be possible but with guidance from Michelle, her patience, her steer and her motivation to keep me aiming higher, I have achieved an increase of 140% in fee income and 471% in profits so far – so nearly 5x profits compared to the start figure. Needless to say, I will be working with Michelle for many years to come!

Reena Popat – Managing Partner, Carter Bond Solicitors