By michelle_pgs | March 28, 2023

Perfectionism is a mixed blessing.

It’s a great trait to have where things need to be done ‘right’.

But it can slow you down.

And in business in particular, perfectionism can lead to slow growth, or even stagnation.

One of my business mentors taught me “Build the plane as you fly it”.

Meaning don’t wait until something is perfect before you launch it – it’s ok to start with version 1.0 and then improve as you go.

I shared this advice recently with a new client in our Profitable Practice Mastermind. She had just finished the first version of her new website and wanted my feedback and input before launching it.

This new website had been many months in development and was a big improvement on what she had before. Yes, there were more improvements that could be made (for example adding ‘Magic Words’ and improving the call to action on some pages) but I encouraged her NOT to make those changes before launching it.


Because if she went into another round of changes with her web developer it would be weeks (and maybe even months) before the site went live. In the meantime, she’d be missing out on all the new enquiries that could come from the new website.

We agreed she should launch it now and improve it later.

Could this approach help you too?

Are there areas in your law firm or legal practice where you could get quicker results by adopting the mantra of “Build the plane as you fly it”?

Take action

Get version 1.0 ‘out there’ to start bringing you results, knowing you can improve it later.

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