By michelle_pgs | December 22, 2020

Recently I was running a session with clients and we were talking about mindset I want to share a couple of the takeaways and insights from that session.

We were talking specifically about mindset in relation to business and creating (and keeping) a positive mindset despite all the craziness that’s going on around us in the world.

Two particular strategies that we came up with could be relevant to you too.

1. Positive Input: if you want a more positive mindset, make sure your mind has a positive input.

Take a moment to check – what do you fill your mind with? What’s the balance between the negative news (which there’s a lot of out at the moment) and positive things?

Not necessarily positive news, but positive thinking, positive videos, books, or even just TV programs that you enjoy that make you laugh and have a positive feeling.

If your input is 80-90% negative and only 10-20% positive, it won’t be surprising if you find yourself with a negative feeling and maybe a negative mindset.

So how can you increase the positive and maybe dial down the negative?

2. Switch modes: feel more in control by moving from ‘consuming’ to ‘creating’

When we have uncertainty in our life (which has been a particular issue for many in recent months), we naturally feel uncomfortable because we like to have certainty and control in our lives.

We can’t control what’s going on in the world around us, but what we can do is focus on the things that we can control.

That might mean taking control and care of your physical body, of other aspects of your well-being, or your routine.

One thing I highly recommend is to move from a mode of consuming information and other people’s content, and instead move into a mode of creation.

Creation means looking for ways to create something new. It could be creating a new process or system in your business. Maybe you’re now working from home, you have a new way of doing business with clients or a new way of talking to prospective clients. You can create a system for that and make sure it’s working as effectively as possible. That’s taking control. That’s creating.

In your personal life, you might find that there are creative activities you can do like baking a cake, cooking a meal, or making an area of the garden look nice. These are all creative because at the end of it you can see an outcome, and both the process of creating and seeing the outcome is empowering. You feel like you have control because you do actually have control over those things.

Take action

These 2 simple strategies will help you have the right mindset, confidence, and feeling of control to take action and implement the steps you already know you need to take to increase your clients, fee income, and profits.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, I’d love you to share some of your thoughts and comments about what helps you have a positive mindset. Just comment below this post.

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