By michelle_pgs | July 3, 2014

If you don’t tell your prospective clients ‘why’ they should buy from you, or work with you, then chances are that many of them won’t.

And why should they? Let’s face it if you don’t know the answer to this question, or don’t tell them the answer, there’s no reason why they should work it out for themselves, or put their trust in you and hope it turns out for the best….

Telling them ‘why’ starts with explaining the benefits they get by using your service.

Many businesses concentrate on telling clients about the features of their products or services. They proudly list all those features or detail the amount of time that will be spent or the documents that will be produced. They then expect the clients to work out why that is a good thing for themselves.

This is definitely not the best way to sell your services. Not only do your clients not translate those features into benefits in their minds, but your marketing looks just like your competitors. I call this ‘me too’ advertising, and it’s the no.1 reason why most marketing doesn’t work.

The next ‘why’ you need to answer is why a client should choose you.

Once the prospective client is convinced of the benefits of your service, the next question in their mind is going to be ‘are you the right person to provide it – why should I choose you?’

Do you know the answer?

I know lots of business owners struggle with this. Last week I worked with a lawyer who told me he could only think of one reason why a client should choose him over his competitors, and as he sheepishly told it to me I could tell he didn’t feel it was a strong enough reason to even mention. And he was right – it didn’t differentiate him. But by the end of our session, we had uncovered 5 compelling reasons why a prospective client should choose him. (We didn’t have to invent anything, we just had to go looking through the right lens – that of the client).

Action Steps

Next time you are communicating with your clients (whether by letter, email, advert, or presentation) take the time to answer these questions from the perspective of your client:

  • “What result/benefits will I get from your service?”
  • “Why should I buy from you specifically?”

What it all boils down to is you must answer the fundamental question going on in every prospective client’s head…. Which is “what’s in it for me?”

Answer that, and your client will give you the answer you want – a ‘yes’ to working with you.

Warning: if your client doesn’t know why they need your service in the first place (in other words, they don’t know they have a problem you can solve), then nothing you say about the benefits of your service or why they should choose you will make any difference.

In this situation, you must first educate them about why they need your service. You can read more about how to do this in my special report ‘3 Biggest Mistakes that Keep Most Professionals from Attracting Enough Clients and How to Fix Them in 30 Days’

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