By michelle_pgs | October 28, 2021

Have you lost your mojo for growing your law firm or legal practice?

Instead of waking up feeling excited about your practice, does it feel like a burden? A hard slog?If so, there could be 3 things missing.

I explain them in this 2-minute video.


The first one is passion – that passion you had when you first started. Have you become disconnected from that passion? Why did you start your practice in the first place? What gave you the passion to overcome all the obstacles you encountered to get it up and running? If you don’t have a passion for what you do, it will feel like hard work.

The second one is the possibility – maybe you’ve lost sight of what it will be like for you (and those around you) when you have the clients and profits you want, and the amount of time off you want? If you’ve lost sight of these possibilities, it’s hard to have any motivation for them.

The third one is probability – do you find yourself doubting that these results will actually happen? One of the biggest reasons for this is not having the resources you need to get the clients, profits, and time off that you want. Without these resources (a plan, the tools, and the right help) it’s hard to be confident of the results.

Take action

If you want to reconnect with your passion, see what’s really possible in your practice, and feel you’ve got a high probability of achieving it, then you should be at my next 1-day workshop where I’ll help you with all three.

You’ll leave my Profitable Practice Growth Secrets for Small Law Firms workshop with a clear vision of how you can double your profits without working more hours, a clear plan of what’s needed to make it happen, and tools you can start using immediately to attract more of your ideal clients and increase your profits from each one.

You can see the full agenda for the workshop, read testimonials about real results other lawyers have had, and check ticket availability.



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