By michelle_pgs | August 16, 2018

How can I use Linkedin to actually get clients rather than just spending my precious time posting articles/updates which don’t result in new business?”

I often hear this kind of question from lawyers and other professionals who know Linkedin is a good place to find their ideal clients but aren’t sure how to go about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the basic advice like: have a great profile, connect with the right people, provide useful content, comment on other’s posts, etc…..?

That’s all important, but how do you stand out and get noticed?

And then, how do you get your ideal clients to approach you, so you don’t seem like you’re chasing after them (which comes across as ‘selling’)?

Today I’m going to show you ‘behind the scenes’ so you can see what’s worked for me on Linkedin to bring me new clients, and adapt it for your own use.

There are 3 Steps I use:

Step 1: Offer something useful/valuable for your ideal clients (for free) – something that solves a problem, or helps them get a result they want.  Examples are checklists, templates, short guides, and video training.

Step 2: Use Linkedin to tell your ideal clients about your offer – through a post or through Linkedin messages to your connections.  Ask them to tell you they want it (NB don’t just send it/post it for everyone to see).

Step 3: When they ask for it, send it to them and use it as a way to start an ongoing relationship. The best way is to invite them to download your resource and at the same time agree to receive further content or updates from you.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

This is a video post I put on Linkedin which within 2 days already had 23 comments, most from people asking for the template “5 Steps To Answer The Question ‘How Much Do You Charge?‘”:

The number of comments had gone up to 66 last time I looked…

Click to view my Linkedin post.

So now I can follow up with everyone who asked for the template by giving them a link to download it and requesting their consent for me to send them more useful content (like a video walk-through on how to use the checklist, and more tips and strategies).

It also gives me a chance to start a conversation with them on Linkedin and find out whether there are other areas I can help with.  And if not, I can now stay in touch until they’re ready to get more help – like the way I stay in touch with you via these Friday Focus emails.

(Staying in touch until ‘the time is right’ is so important – a few weeks ago someone rang me saying they’d been getting my emails for 4 years but they’d only responded now because their situation had changed and now they needed my help.)

So Today’s Friday Focus Tip is: decide what you could offer as a giveaway to attract your ideal clients and start a relationship with them using either a Linkedin post or a Linkedin message. Then offer it to them in a way that allows you to request their contact details and start an ongoing relationship and conversation.

Oh, and if you want the worksheet on “5 Steps To Answer The Question ‘How Much Do You Charge?“, you can comment on the Linkedin post and I’ll send it to you <img role=” 

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