By michelle_pgs | July 18, 2022

In the past, I always used to buy large eggs, and sometimes even extra-large eggs.

I just assumed “bigger is better” – it certainly meant more scramble on my plate!

Then, a few weeks ago, I read an article that completely changed my thinking.

It was written by the British Hen Welfare Trust, and it explained the problem with large and extra-large eggs.

Because consumer demand for them is high, they say that farmers are paid comparatively less for small and medium eggs, meaning they are encouraged to ‘pressure’ the hens to lay larger eggs (through lighting, nutrition, etc) which in turn can cause damage to the hens, and even death.

Now, I’m no expert on chickens or eggs.

But reading this article changed my thinking that “bigger is better”.

It didn’t just say “buy smaller eggs” – it educated me about the reason to want smaller eggs.

So now I look for mixed-weight eggs or medium eggs.

Now I think “smaller is better for farmers and chickens which is more important to me” and this leads to a different buying decision.

How is this relevant to your law firm’s marketing?

This egg article used the same kind of ‘Education-Based Marketing’ approach that I recommend you use when promoting your legal services.

If you want more clients to use your services, your marketing should educate them about why they need – or should want – your service.

This means you need to show them the benefits of that service (e.g. new shareholders’ agreement, or a Lasting Power of Attorney) and you need to overcome their misconceptions or incorrect beliefs about their need for that service (e.g. “I don’t need a shareholders’ agreement because we won’t fall out“, or “I don’t need an LPA because I’m under 60“).

Your marketing is an opportunity to change the way your prospective clients think about your services.

And when they have the right (accurate) thoughts and beliefs about your services – and understand the benefits for them of getting your help – you will increase your number of new instructions.

Take action

Check whether your existing marketing is saying the equivalent of “buy smaller eggs” or does it go further and explain “here’s why you should buy smaller eggs”?

If you’re in the “buy smaller eggs” category, then here’s what to do next:

  • Identify what your prospective clients need to understand or believe in order to want your services (including any misconceptions you need to overcome); and
  • Put more of that ‘why’ into all your marketing messages (i.e. your articles, website content, social media posts, webinars, seminars, written guides, etc).

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