By michelle_pgs | June 25, 2020

Right now there’s a unique opportunity for law firms to attract more clients using webinars.

The reason webinars work is that they give you the opportunity to educate your prospective clients about why they need help in a specific area, and then why you’re the right expert to help them.

Webinars have always been a good client attraction strategy for legal services, and I’ve been teaching this strategy to my lawyer clients – and using it myself to attract new clients – for years. What’s different since the start of the pandemic is the appetite of your prospective clients for information. We’re all undergoing a massive period of change that is affecting our personal lives, our work lives, and our priorities. In times like these, people are more open than ever to new information and thinking about things in different ways. So they’re ready for your webinar content.

If you aren’t already using webinars to attract new clients, I recommend you start. And if you’ve used them before, now is a good time to re-start.

But, a word of warning – webinars require time and effort to set up, promote, and deliver. If you do them the right way, you’ll get new inquiries for your legal services. If you do them the wrong way, you’ll probably get (virtual) applause but nothing else.

Take action

If you’re going to put in the time and effort to do them, make sure you have the right strategies in place to cover these 4 essential steps:

Step 1: Sign Up using the right marketing (quality and quantity) to get lots of your ideal clients to register.

Step 2: Show Up making sure those who register actually attend your webinar.

Step 3: Step Up using the right content, in the right framework, to make sure attendees understand why they need more help than just the webinar and that they take action (ideally on the spot) to book a consultation with you.

Step 4: Follow Up having the right follow-up strategy for those who register but don’t attend – as they can still become new clients.

Inexperienced webinar organizers usually don’t do enough of step 1 (or don’t do it well enough), forget about steps 2 and 4 completely, and choose the wrong content for step 3 (Tip: Q&A style content is rarely the right option).

If you’d like help with any of these steps (particularly planning the right kind of content which is crucial) then contact me quoting “webinar info” and I’ll send you further details of how I can help.


Or, if you want to see a webinar in action – and at the same time learn how to increase your clients, fee income, and profits even during Covid-19 – then register for my next webinar “The 3 Step Accelerator Plan For Law Firms”.


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