By michelle_pgs | May 28, 2020

At a recent Profitable Practice Secrets workshop for lawyers, one of the strategies we worked on was how to market your legal services during Covid-19.

A lot of lawyers (and other professionals) are worried that if they promote their services at the moment (via email, social media, adverts, newsletters, etc) they might be seen as taking advantage of the situation.

But you can still market your services, without it appearing unprofessional or opportunistic, by making sure every piece of marketing meets these 3 important criteria:

1. Current Needs

Your marketing must be aimed at what your clients perceive to be their current needs. This means it’s something they both need and actually care about right now (despite or because of Covid-19).  Take data protection advice, for example, business owners probably don’t care at the moment about having a review of their policies to be able to tick a “compliant” box. But if they are trying to move their business to an online model then they do care about making sure they have the right policies in place to allow them to do that safely.

2. Context

The way in which you promote your services must be appropriate in the context of what’s going on around us. This means that promoting yourself with the usual “We can help with xyz, call us today” is unlikely to work. At best it seems tone-deaf to what’s happening in the world, and at worst it seems like trying to cash in on people’s problems. Right now you need to look at how you can ‘give before you ask’, which means providing value before you ask someone to pay for the next step.

3. Continuity

It’s not enough for someone to hear or see your marketing message once. They need to see it enough times that they are ready to pick up the phone and speak to you. But you don’t need lots of different pieces of content or marketing messages – you just need the right message, re-purposed in multiple ways.

With these three elements in place, you can continue marketing your legal services effectively during Covid-19 and successfully attract new client inquiries.

Take action

You might feel that stopping all marketing is the ‘safe’ option. But what’s the true risk of doing that for your firm, your staff, and ultimately your clients?

If you’d like more help to make sure you’re doing the right kind of marketing, then here are three ways I can help:

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