By michelle_pgs | November 17, 2021

This week two lawyers (from different firms) told me they didn’t have time to work on the strategies needed to grow their law firms – even though both said they could see the opportunity to grow and the rewards it would bring them.I hear this a lot.

Most lawyers with this challenge tell me “I just don’t have enough time in the day”.

And that’s what they truly believe.

But lack of time isn’t really what’s getting in the way for 99% of the lawyers I speak to.

Instead, it’s usually one of these factors:

  • Distractions or interruptions which get in the way of using time efficiently (my Time Maximiser Masterclass sorts this out, and for some lawyers, it has freed up 2 hours a day for them) and/or
  • Having the mindset of “I can’t find the time“, instead of the mindset of “I’ll make the time“.

On the question of “making time”, the truth is that we can make time for anything we want if we consider it a high enough priority. But we often prioritize other things, like client demands, and consider ourselves ‘professional’ for doing so.

I hear comments like “I had to respond to a client” or “the client needed me urgently”. The person saying it suggests they had no choice. But was it really so urgent that it couldn’t have waited until later in the day or the following day? In other words, client demands are often used as an excuse – perhaps because, in truth, we’d rather be doing client work than the work needed to grow our firm.

Take action

It’s your decision how you prioritize your time. But the important thing is to realize you do have a choice. You don’t have to buy into the myth of “lawyers never have enough time”.

How will you choose to prioritize your time in the weeks ahead?

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