By michelle_pgs | December 16, 2013

“I met Michelle Peters through Business Network International in Islington. I spelled out what I intended to do in converting my business from a specialist recruiter handling Big Data and Risk Management searches in the US and Canada to something I could readily sell in the UK. She said she was interested in this area and would like to hear more about it. We met for a two hour meeting and she knew – before I had pointed out the problems – what they were and what to do about them. For example, I was debating about two different target markets I could focus on, and Michelle asked me one critical question which made the answer clear to me. This enabled me to make a decision on which market to focus on and start moving forwards with my new business. I am now very clear about which specific market I am involved with, how to sell our services and how to do the necessary work once we have contracts. Without Michelle’s excellent advice I would still be looking at “what is it I’m doing?”.

Sheila Austen, MD, Austen Research, London UK