By michelle_pgs | July 19, 2022

Much as we might like to think that ‘mindset’ is just a wishy-washy, touchy-feely thing, trumped by concrete things like ‘action’, ‘skills’, and ‘strategy’, I believe the way we think has a powerful influence over the results we get.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

So if you think you can’t get more clients and grow your fee income, you’re right.

But if you think you can get more clients and grow your fee income, then you’re right.

What do you think – you can, or you can’t?

If you think you can’t, you’re right (and you won’t) – so that thinking will keep you stuck. Because the way we think, and our beliefs about what’s possible, directly affect the decisions we make and the way we act.

For example, the way we think about what’s possible affects whether we’re prepared to invest in our business, in ourselves, and in getting help from others.

Just yesterday I was replying to an email from someone who’d asked some questions about my next 1 day’s workshop for lawyers. He already knew it was for the owners of small firms who want to get more clients and increase profits without working more hours but didn’t have all the details. He checked the start time with me and then said “Great, I’d like to join you“. But when I replied with the details, including the ticket price, he said he wouldn’t attend if he had to pay for it.

Here’s what’s interesting about that: the price of the ticket was far outweighed by his ‘time cost’ of attending (assuming for example a £250 per hour charge-out rate). But he didn’t seem to value his time as much as the ticket price of £247+VAT. If you’re investing 6 hours of your time to attend an event it’s probably worth paying for it – you want it to be a high-value event that is specifically tailored to your type of firm, and which has lots of positive reviews from other small firm owners about the results they’ve had from it.

Take action

Let’s face it, we all have a tendency for unhelpful thinking or mindset from time to time. What’s yours, and how’s it getting in your way?

If you’d like to get a fresh perspective on what’s possible in your firm or practice, so you can start thinking and doing things differently you can join my FREE online seminar ‘The Profitable Practice Accelerator’. This session will show you how to eliminate the blocks that keep most small firm owners and senior lawyers working too hard for too little profit.


And if you’d like more in-depth help, come and spend a day with me and other small firm owners at the ‘Profitable Practice Secrets’ workshop where we’ll analyze your firm or practice to see what’s really possible in terms of getting new clients, increasing your profits and reducing your working hours. Then we’ll create a plan to make that happen and start to work on the strategies and skills you need to implement that plan successfully. See the full agenda for the workshop, read testimonials about real results other lawyers have had and check ticket availability HERE.


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