By michelle_pgs | February 2, 2024

If you want more work from existing or past clients, how about just asking for it?

I was recently reminded of the simplicity, and effectiveness, of doing just that.

Now if you don’t like to hear about obvious (and easy) strategies for increasing fee income, you can stop reading now.

If you’re still with me, this is a very simple tale…

Our window cleaner emailed to confirm he would be washing our windows on Tuesday.

His email ‘reminded’ us of additional services he can offer – like gutter clearance and conservatory cleaning. He’s probably told us about these services before and we didn’t take much notice, but this time we spotted the magic words “gutter clearance”.

Magic words for us, because we were facing already overflowing gutters and a forecast of very wet weather.

So we booked him for gutter clearance as well, turning a £20 fee into £70 total.

That’s a 250% increase in fee income for him from one single customer. Just from reminding us about what else he could do.

Take action

Send out a reminder to your current or past clients about another service you offer – regardless of whether you’ve told them before.

The trick is to do this regularly so that when your clients are ready to use that service, they’re reminded that you offer it.

Taking my own advice… a reminder that in addition to my law firm growth workshops I also offer private consultations on how to get more clients and increase your fee income and profits without working more hours. You can use the link below to get yourself booked in for a (no-cost) call with me to brainstorm a new growthplan:


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