By michelle_pgs | April 2, 2021

Is your marketing ignoring most of your ideal clients?

The reality is that most law firms’ marketing isn’t as effective as it could be because it only targets those who are ready to instruct you now.

That’s because it’s ‘here I am’ marketing. This kind of marketing (whether it’s on your website, in your leaflets or adverts, or what you say when you meet people) follows this kind of format:

“here’s the name of my firm, here are the services we offer, and here’s how to contact us….”

This is a massive missed opportunity because it only ‘speaks’ to those potential clients who already know they need your services and are just trying to decide who to go to. In most cases that’s likely to be just 3% of the potential clients, you could help with any particular service.

Which means you are ignoring the other 97%.

What about those potential clients who have a problem that you can help with, but either don’t know they have the problem or don’t know why it’s important enough to invest in your advice?

If you only use ‘here I am’ marketing, it won’t ‘speak’ to those potential clients – because they don’t know why they need you. So you’ll miss out on the instructions they could bring.

If you don’t want to ignore the other 97% of your potential clients, you need to use a different kind of marketing message – one that educates your prospective client about why they need your services and why they should choose you to provide them. I call this ‘Education-Based Marketing‘.

Take action

I’ve got two free resources to help you create Education-Based Marketing in a way that is specifically designed to attract more ideal clients to your law firm:

My book The Client Magnet Formula For Lawyers will show you how to use Education-Based Marketing to attract more of your ideal clients. It’s available to buy on Amazon but you can download the first 4 chapters for FREE.


My free online training session ‘The 5 Step ‘Client Magnet’ System for Attracting More Enquiries From High-Paying Clients’ will show you how Education-Based Marketing will help you avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes that keep most lawyers from attracting enough clients. I will also show you my complete 5 Step ‘Client Magnet’ System for attracting more inquiries from your ideal clients. You can access the training for free HERE.


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