By michelle_pgs | February 1, 2019

Recently I was talking to a client who’d achieved amazing results in the last 12 months. She’d set ambitious growth goals for her firm and had exceeded those goals – which included doubling her profits. I was delighted for her.
She told me that when we’d set these goals together a year ago, she hadn’t been sure she could achieve them. “But you seemed to think it was possible, so I just went along with it” she said. “And perhaps just the act of setting those goals somehow programmed my mind to achieve them.” I smiled.
I used to think this kind of ‘mind’ stuff was nonsense. I used to think that results were all about hard work.
And I’d worked really hard over the years to try and prove that hard work gets the best results! But now I know differently…..
Don’t get me wrong, results do require work – in the sense of taking action, taking steps, and moving things forward. My client didn’t exceed her goals and double her profit without working hard this year.
But I’ve learned that the mind can have a bigger impact than we think.
One of my mentors once said to me that business success was 1.8% about strategies and tactics and 98.2% about mindset (he was very precise…).  I don’t know if those numbers are correct, but the longer I’m in business, the more I realise that the role played by the mind is greater than most of us care to acknowledge.
And this week’s conversation with my client reminded me again that the role played by the mind starts with setting goals.
If you don’t have a clear goal, the mind doesn’t know what to focus on.
This not only impacts any influence your mind can have on achieving your goal but also makes it hard for you to decide what steps and actions to take.
Why make life hard for yourself?
Whether you believe in the power of your mind and that setting intentions can help you achieve the results, not being clear about your goals is going to make it harder to take the right actions and steps.
What if you could double your profits this year too?
Take action
Do you have a clear plan to follow so you can achieve those goals in the shortest time with the least amount of effort?
Do a quick review of the goals you have for this year:

  • Are they clear and specific (so that you’ll know when you’ve reached them)?
  • Are they big enough to stretch you to achieve more than you thought you could?
  • Are they detailed enough to be actionable?

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