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If you are the owner of a solo or small law firm or other professional practice.

Now is the time to do things differently

If you’re the owner of a small law firm or professional practice, you might feel like “growing my firm is not an option right now” or think that your only option is just to “keep your head down” and wait for this difficult time to pass.

I understand that feeling (and I’ve had it too in recent weeks) but I know you do NOT have to accept a “no growth, just survival” paradigm.

Here’s why:

  • Clients still need legal help and many of them need it now – particularly in key areas like employment advice, updating wills and LPAs, commercial contract negotiations and disputes, and protecting or enforcing their rights.
  • This means you have a genuine opportunity to attract new clients AND increase your fee in come by helping existing or past clients with additional needs
  • BUT this opportunity only exists if clients and potential clients know you are still open for business, and have confidence that you can help them during this uncertain time, so you must show them that and you need to act now.

Taking action starts with having the right plan to attract the right clients and maintain a healthy level of fee income and profits over the coming months.

And the right plan starts with having the right diagnosis of wha t your firm needs most in order to attract those clients and keep the fee income flowing into your firm.

During this powerful 1 day workshop, you’ll learn:

  • diagnose exactly what your firm needs to not only ‘survive’ in the coming months but to be ready to ‘thrive’ once the current situation resolves itself
  • apply the 9 ‘Profitable Practice Accelerators’ that will help you get the clients and income you want in less time (these have already been used by hundreds of lawyers and I’ll show you case studies of the results they’ve achieved)
  • create a Practice Growth Accelerator Plan that will give you the confidence and certainty that you’re taking the right steps, in the right order – so that you can take the action needed to protect your firm now, and lay the right foundations for future growth.

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This workshop is for senior partners, managing partners, and the owners of small legal or other professional practices.

Most business seminars and workshops are boring, mostly theory, and you don’t come away with anything actionable. This is NOT that kind of event. You will walk away from this in-depth, hands-on workshop with a clear plan to double your profits in 12 months or less and specific tools and strategies to help you start implementing that plan immediately.

Regular Ticket: £247+VAT
EARLY BIRD: £197+VAT (available until 8 April 2020)
SUPER EARLY BIRD: £147+VAT (available until 1 April 2020)

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9.45am YOUR PRACTICE GROWTH BLUEPRINT: You’ll analyse your existing firm or practice area using my Traffic Light Accelerator Tool and create a ‘heat map’ of the Profitable Practice Elements which are slowing you down from having the clients and profits you want and/or keeping you working too many hours. Then we’ll identify the biggest growth opportunities in your specific firm or practice and what you need to focus on, and in what order, to get the clients, profits and time off that you want. You’ll finish this session with a bespoke Practice Growth Blueprint which will give you clarity about what to do, and the confidence to do it.
11.15am PROFIT MAXIMISER: You’ll analyse which of the 7 Profit Zones in your practice provide the biggest opportunity for increasing your profits in the next 12 months and how the 7 Profit Zones Formula will enable you to double your profits without working more hours. Once you know what’s possible in your practice, you’ll set specific and realistic goals for your practice growth for the next 12-36 months (including your target numbers for clients, fee income, profits, team and time off). Then you’ll create your own Profitable Practice Gameplan to show you what to focus on to accelerate your results over the next 12 months.


2.15pm CLIENT ATTRACTION: You’ll learn how to powerfully attract more of your ideal clients, so they are the ones calling or emailing you and you don’t have to go out ‘hunting’ for them and/or put up with the uncertainty of waiting for referrals. You’ll use the Client Hook Creator to identify what will attract your ideal client and you’ll create your first ‘Client Hook’ during the workshop, and get on-the-spot feedback from me on how to improve it further.
3.30pm CLIENT CONVERSION: We’ll finish the day learning specific skills that will enable you to increase the percentage of potential clients who say ‘yes’ to working with you from an initial consultation – without having to give away advice for free. Then, using the Conversion Question-Generator you’ll identify exactly which questions to ask during an initial consultation that will ensure clients understand why they need your help, why they should choose you, and why (most importantly) they should pay the level of fees you want to charge. Once you have these skills you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate and have the confidence to raise your fees.


4.30pm CLOSE


“We attended the Profitable Practice Secrets workshop because we wanted help in launching a new area of practice and pick up a few ideas to help boost our existing marketing efforts. As lawyers we are, I think, naturally suspicious and inherently sceptical of accepting others’ ideas and buying into the possibility that we don’t know what is best for our own firms. The difference with this particular workshop over others I have attended is the focus on the practical; whereas other business seminars stop at identifying problems, very few provide firms with an idea of what to do about them – we now have an extensive ‘to do’ list but we have also have far greater peace of mind and a roadmap of how to get to where we want to be. The insights provided went far beyond what we wanted to achieve with implications across all practice areas. We now have a clarity and confidence that was previously absent. I would challenge anyone to go along to the workshop and not come out at the end feeling that worries have been dissipated and replaced by clarity, a sense of direction and the skills to put everything into action.
Adam Cresswell, Lawyer/Director, Seatons Solicitors

“I wanted to find out more about how to make my practice profitable whilst still maintaining a good work/life balance. Finding time in the working week to take a day off to attend a workshop is difficult but I found the workshop to be really beneficial. It really made me think about what I needed to do to make the best use of my time and make the business run more efficiently. Since attending the workshop I have started to improve our systems so that we can utilise the support staff in a more efficient way and keep salary costs to a minimum. Michelle was very helpful and knowledgeable and I would certainly attend one of her events again.
Sarah Clowes, Partner/Owner, Clowes & Co Solicitors

“Michelle’s insightful and skilful advice and strategies are readily apparent from her blogs but her ‘Profitable Practice Secrets’ 1 day workshop really brought home just how much impact she can have on a firm’s profits. One of her tips has revolutionised my conversion rate. Highly recommended and I have signed up to her Profitable Practice Programme as a result.”
Jay Sahota, Senior Partner, Jarmans Solicitors

“The Profitable Practice Secrets Workshop was thought provoking, giving rise to lots of fresh ideas when considering firm strategy. For me it has emphasised the need for an holistic approach to change in all areas of the business, be that at firm-wide and departmental level, to be applied to business planning, process change, BD/marketing, recruitment and all key decisions.”
Chris Bishop, Managing Partner, Slater Heelis LLP Solicitors

“I found Michelle’s Profitable Practice Secrets to be a comprehensive day that unlocked the mysteries of the manageable steps required to get more clients and increase profits without working more hours. The ideas presented showed that small changes can make a big difference. I found the working examples really helpful in bringing the fee income figures to life. The course helped me identify my own personal obstacles and start on a bespoke plan to overcome them that I can now build upon. I came away feeling inspired and energised. The day after the course I was able to put into practice what I had learned. The day was also very useful for hearing other lawyers’ experiences. Definitely worth the money – a day out of the office well spent.”
Rachael House, Head of Family Department, Mackrell Turner Garrett

“We found the ‘Profitable Practice Secrets’ 1 day workshop a breath of fresh air. It has invigorated us to look at our business in a new way and given us the confidence to employ new methods with the aim of boosting our profitability but not at the personal cost of our personal lives.”
Director, Kent Law Firm

“Time very well spent. Probably the best legal seminar I ever attended”
Xabier de Berstain Humphrey, DWB Global

I am truly inspired to change my Firm’s marketing strategy as a direct result of this seminar – it was informative and gave a clear, concise, step by step guide as to how to attract more clients to my Firm, without turning myself into a sales person! – A ‘must attend’ seminar!”
Sadhana Joshi, Solicitor and Director, Avenue Solicitors

“Almost didn’t come due to client work but that would have been a major mistake!”
Peter Arnstein, Owner, FWB Law

“A well-delivered, thoroughly engaging session, with eye-opening and potentially game changing tips and advice. Thank you!”
Isobel Willoughby, Solicitor, Monro Wright & Wasbrough LLP

“Very useful – Much cheaper than a marketing department!”
Jason Pethers, Partner, QS Rose & Rose

“I found the seminar exhilarating!”
Mohan Bharj, CFO, Duncan Lewis Solicitors


Who is this event aimed at?
This workshop is for sole practitioner lawyers/professionals or the owners of small legal or other professional practices or senior managers who have responsibility for business development or the growth of their practice who want to build a sustainable and financially free practice.

What will I get out of this event?
This is a practical and interactive workshop, not a lecture. You will leave from this high-level workshop with a clear strategic action plan to double your profits in 12 months or less.

Where and when is it taking place?
Where: Online (virtual workshop) so you can attend from your home or office. We’ll use ZOOM online meeting software so you just need a computer with microphone and webcam (webcam is essential) and a quiet location free from distractions or noise. If your home or office isn’t suitable, you might consider booking a meeting space to use during the virtual workshop.
When: 9.30am – 4.30pm with break mid morning, lunchtime and mid afternoon. There will be an (optional but recommended) extra session during lunch so we recommend you have a ‘working lunch’ ready in advance so you can bring it to the session.

How can I get the most from an online workshop?
We’ll be using ZOOM online meeting software to replicate the experience of being together in a workshop room. You’ll be able to speak to everyone else and participate in exactly the same as if we were in the same room together. Everyone will be on webcam and able to see each other, just like at a regular workshop. We’ll also use virtual ‘breakout rooms’ to allow you to work in small groups with other attendees. To get the most from this event we strongly recommend you attend from a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed during the day and where you can switch of all other distractions like email notifications, phone calls, queries from staff members, etc. Some attendees might choose to book a meeting room for the day to ensure they aren’t interrupted and get the most from the workshop.

Can I claim Continuing Professional Development?
Yes you can claim Continuing Professional Development for this event if you consider it meets a training need you have. We can provide written confirmation of your attendance.

How do I reserve my seat?
£247+VAT for this 1 day virtual workshop or just £147+VAT when you book by the Super Early Bird booking deadline or £197+VAT when you book by the Early Bird booking deadline (click the REGISTER buttons below to check the deadline for this event).



Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor
Michelle Peters is the creator of the Profitable Practice Programme for Lawyers and other professionals who want to grow their practice profitably. She is the leading authority in helping lawyers and other professionals to double their practice without working more hours.

Michelle is a former solicitor who spent 9 years at a ‘magic circle’ law firm in London, so she understands the genuine concerns her fellowprofessionals have about marketing that feels like ‘selling’ or doing anything which feels unprofessional or ‘salesy’. After extensive training in business development and marketing, and putting her skills into practice in attracting clients for her own business, Michelle now helps lawyers toquickly and easily get clients in a way which feels comfortable and ethical and brings them a steady (and reliable) flow of business. She also shows legal practices how to ethically increase profits from existing clients, so they can increase their fee income and profits without having to spend so much time and effort continually looking for new clients.


“The ‘Profitable Practice Secrets’ workshop was an absolutely amazing day! I loved the venue, which had a totally different feel from the usual boring Hotel Conference rooms which enabled everyone to get into a different invigorating mind-set. Michelle Peters clearly has a passion in her subject. At the same time she has an encouraging and engaging manner that helped me clarify my thoughts and ambitions. In addition, she to understands well the journey ahead and how I can reach my chosen destination. I would recommend this one-day workshop without hesitation and have already recommended several colleagues and acquaintances to enrol on the next occasion that Michelle runs it. This missive is from a most appreciative and grateful, fellow Solicitor.”
Jeremy Waller, Director, Waller Pollins Goldstein Solicitors

“Thanks for a great seminar. It was genuinely useful and insightful – an all too rare occurrence!”
Simon Portman, Marks & Clerk

“Michelle delivered exactly what was stated on the tin. Very informative and useful seminar”
Michelle Camacho, TV Edwards LLP

“Very useful for any professional, whether or not they have had previous marketing training”
Richard Turney, Partner, QS Rose & Rose

“Thought provoking and time well spent helping to crystalise approach.”
Chris Mills, Civil & Commercial Mediator, CSM Meditation

“This is not just a marketing lesson but an insight it what is blocking up your business and how to improve it by fiding the strategy yourself. One of the best courses been on this year.”
David Simmons, Director, Robert Simmons Solicitors

“Michelle is able to convince you are not “wrong”, but you need to do something about what you’ve got right (and correct the rest!).”
Guillaume Barlet-Batada, Lawyer Consultant, Cubism Law

“Michelle is very easy to listen to. She is a lawyer, with practical business experience and makes a lot of sense. She resonated with our ethos.”
Catrina Newman, Practice Manager, Goldstein Legal

“Excellent seminar and great eye opener for the business.”
Frank Andreas, Partner, David Howard Chartered Accountants

“Excellent. Michelle was so helpful before the event, presented very well and provided lots of useful advice.”
Jasper Gray, Operations Manager, CG Naylor

“I came a way with some great action points.”
Catherine Hawkins, Consultant Solicitor, Cubism Law

“I heard about Michelle and her ‘Profitable Practice Secrets’ workshop via a friend who had attended this workshop previously herself. I attended the workshop because I wanted some clarity / structure on running my business, as I had so many ideas and goals but did not know where to start. I am extremely glad I attended as I obtained the clarity and insight that I was looking for. Well worth attending, I would recommend this workshop to anyone.”
Adela Manzoor, Owner, Radshaw Solicitors

“I just wanted to say how happy we are to have joined your Profitable Practice Programme. You turned me from a business coach cynic to an acolyte! I was recommended to you by a colleague and attended the Profitable Practice Secrets workshop to help grow my business. I nearly didn’t attend because of my cynicism about business coaching generally but I’m glad I did because of the insights and clarity it gave me plus the confidence to move forward.”
Jeremy Garson, Owner, Rise Legal

“I attended an online seminar Michelle held and, having enjoyed that, I wanted to learn more and so booked onto her Profitable Practice Secrets Workshop. I decided to attend because having been in business for a few years I thought it was time to revisit my business strategy and plan for the next few years. I initially had reservations about attending as meant I had to travel to London and I wasn’t sure that the investment would get me on the right track as I often find business courses to be interesting but they do not drill down into the specifics of what to do next. However, I came back from London tired but enthused and wrote my next 3 month plan (that Michelle had helped me formulate that day) on the train back to Manchester!”
Emma Lewis, Director, EL Law

Regular Ticket: £247+VAT
EARLY BIRD: £197+VAT (available until 8 April 2020)
SUPER EARLY BIRD: £147+VAT (available until 1 April 2020)

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