By michelle_pgs | February 15, 2023

If you want more clients for your law firm, there’s a simple way to get them without any additional marketing.

Instead of trying to attract more enquiries, focus on converting more of the enquiries you already receive.

I know this sounds obvious.

But I also know, from talking to hundreds of law firms over the last 12 years, that this ‘obvious’ strategy is hugely undervalued and/or overlooked.

Here’s why your conversion rate is so important…

If you can increase your conversion rate from ‘6 out of 10’ to ‘8 out of 10’ then you’ll have 33% more clients without needing to spend any more time, money and effort on marketing.

Plus, increasing your conversion rate doesn’t only save you time and money on marketing. You also won’t need to spend more (unpaid) time talking to potential clients in order to get more instructions. Instead, you’ll get more clients by simply converting more of the enquiries you would be dealing with anyway.

Take action

Check your current conversion rate and ask yourself “Am I putting enough focus on improving it?”.

If not, I recommend making this a priority.

Focusing on marketing instead of conversion is one of the 3 Limiting Factors that keep too many lawyers working too hard for too little profit.

If you want to create a ‘roadmap’ of exactly what you need to do in the next 12 months to convert more of your ideal clients and double your profits without working more hours, then come to my FREE online seminar (or register for the recording if you can’t make the date).


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