By michelle_pgs | January 31, 2023

Recently three different lawyers told me they are spending a lot of money on paid marketing strategies (such as google PPC and social media ads) but not getting the right kinds of enquiries.

“We’re really busy with enquiries but none of them want to pay our fees,” said one frustrated lawyer.

Another said, “The enquiries are just not from the right type of clients, so talking to them wastes our time”.

And the worst of all was hearing “I’m spending between £4,000 and £5,000 per month on google ads and I feel we’re wasting that money”.

This is in stark contrast to the feedback I’ve had from my lawyer clients who have been working with me to improve their paid marketing strategies.

For example, one of my high street firm clients used my ‘Client Magnet’ strategy to attract more enquiries for financial miss-selling claims. A £500 spend on google PPC brought them 30 high-quality enquiries and £30,000 in new instructions – in a way that is easily repeatable whenever they need more work.

Another specialist corporate lawyer-client used the Client Magnet strategy to get 300 enquiries from business owners specifically looking for their expert help and gained £50,000 in new instructions within just two weeks.

Here’s how the Client Magnet strategy works:

  1. You create a downloadable guide that your prospective clients really want, i.e. information that helps them with a problem they want to resolve or an outcome they want to achieve. It must be on the right topic and have a ‘magnetic’ title in order to ‘hook’ your ideal clients – otherwise, it won’t work.
  2. You offer the guide in return for contact details (so you can send the guide via email) – meaning you can follow up to invite them to a consultation. The ability to follow up is crucial to the success of this strategy.
  3. The content of the guide then educates your prospective client about why they need your help and positions you as the expert who is best placed to give them that help. So they are highly likely either to contact you proactively or respond to your follow-up email.

This strategy is much more effective at bringing you higher quality enquiries at a lower cost than the traditional approach to paid ads which just brings people to your website and relies on them taking action to contact you.

Take action

if you’re spending money on paid ads of any kind and not getting the right type of enquiries, then STOP.

Cancel or turn off any ads that aren’t working.

And test using a Client Magnet instead.

If you’d like my help to create your own highly-effective ‘Client Magnet’ then come to my next online workshop ‘Profitable Practice Growth Secrets For Small Law Firms. At this workshop, I’ll help you identify the exact ‘Client hook’ that will mean your ideal clients will download and read your Client Magnet, and the specific type of educational content that will ensure they contact you to request your help. To check dates and ticket availability (and see testimonials), click HERE.


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