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“Over the course of 15 months in Profitable Practice Michelle has taught me the value of recognising my own worth as an adviser and justifying my fees, not only to my clients, but to myself. Michelle has also helped me through her PISA Method to write less as a solicitor and more as a human being when it comes to social media content, articles and even websites, retreating from dry legalise to really capture my audience’s imagination and to demonstrate why they need my help.  Now, my audience frequently feed back to me about how clearly I have explained things and how I am demonstrating the need to get clear, effective, no-nonsense legal advice.  In fact, I have received high value referrals based on this alone.

Another area that Michelle has particularly helped me with is the idea of a “Client Magnet” to attract my ideal clients. This emphasised the importance of giving readers of my magnets enough information to educate them on the importance of the topics themselves, whilst also explaining why they needed my help, before inviting them to take action.  In other words, giving enough of an explanation, but not skimping on the most important part: that, by instructing me, clients could be certain that I could produce valuable results for them. These magnets have had a lot of support on social media, particularly on LinkedIn, where I have been able to promote them not only as one-off pieces of advice, but on a cycle of sharing them consistently, so that I am saving myself time, rather than scratching my head, trying to dream up new content.  They are frequently commented on and I have also won work from repeat clients and referrers by promoting them in this manner.

 Michelle’s advice in helping me to get from a brand new business to where I am today has been invaluable.  Thank you, Michelle!”

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