By michelle_pgs | March 1, 2019

If you want to attract more of your ideal clients, you’ve got two options.

One way seems fast but is actually slow.

The other way seems slow but is actually fast.

Let me explain…

Most lawyers and other professionals do use ‘here I am’ marketing to promote themselves.This is the kind of marketing where you have a website page, brochure, advert, or a 60-second ‘pitch’ (e.g. at networking events) and in it, you basically say “Here’s what I do… and if you want that… here’s how to contact me”.

This ‘here I am’ approach seems like a quick way of getting your message across.But it’s actually a slow way to attract your ideal clients because it depends upon your message reaching people who already know they need help from someone like you.

It’s slow because many of your ideal clients don’t know why they need help at all or don’t know why they need help from someone with your level of skill and expertise…

The other way of attracting your ideal clients is by using an ‘education-based’ marketing approach.With this method, instead of saying ‘here, I am’ you educate them about ‘here’s why you need help from someone like me. A great way to do this is to show your ideal clients the pitfalls or consequences of not getting your help and/or how they’ll be much better off if they do get your help.

This is a faster way to attract more of your ideal clients because it helps them understand why they need your help in the first place. So more of them are now interested in talking to you about the next step.

Take action

If you want to get faster results and attract more of your ideal clients, use an education-based marketing approach.

I’ve had clients who have been able to increase the number of inquiries from their ideal clients by 30%-70% without any additional marketing spend when they adopted this approach. I’ll be sharing examples of how they did this in my online seminar called The 5 Step ‘Client Magnet’ System For Attracting More Enquiries From High-Paying Clients.

If you’d like to see how others have used education-based marketing effectively and create a plan for how to use this approach yourself, then register your complimentary place now.


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