By michelle_pgs | October 7, 2022

You might expect me to tell you about a great way to get more clients and grow your legal practice using the ‘Jigsaw’ method.

If so, you’ll be disappointed.

Here’s why…

Have you ever tried to do a jigsaw where you don’t have the box showing the picture of what the finished jigsaw will look like?

It’s really hard.

You start with one piece, and then usually spend a lot of time trying to work out which is the next ‘best fit’ piece to add to it.

But without seeing the big picture you can’t really be sure it’s the right next piece.

Sometimes it’s not until you’ve put many pieces together you realise that you’ve gone wrong somewhere and have to break up the pieces and start again.

It’s the same if you’re working out your next ‘best fit’ step in your practice growth journey without first understanding what ‘big picture’ you want to create (and without having that picture close to hand as you decide each next step).

At best, this ‘jigsaw’ method of practice growth is hard work and slow.

It’s slow to figure out each next step, and sometimes you’ll find you went wrong many steps ago and have to unpick your steps and start again. This wastes time and costs you money when you’re operating in a ‘time for money’ model.

At worst, this ‘jigsaw’ method risks you creating a ‘big picture’ you didn’t actually want… attracting non-ideal clients, being busy without making much profit, or not having the right team around you.

So it’s critical to start with defining the ‘big picture’ outcome you really want (or refining it if it’s out of date or vague). You can then work backward by finding the best next steps to get you there.

Take action

When defining or refining your ‘big picture’ outcome here are some headline questions to consider:

  • Clients: what kinds of clients do you really want to attract (be specific for each practice area you have) and how many do you want to work with each month?
  • Income: what fee income and profit levels do you want to achieve on a monthly or yearly basis?
  • Team: what team do you need to support you in achieving the above?
  • Time: how do you want to be spending your time each day, and how much time do you want to spend inside and outside your practice?

For each of these categories be as specific as you can, because the clearer your ‘big picture’ outcome is the easier it will be to find the next ‘best fit’ step to achieving it.

If you’d like my help to define your ‘big picture’ in a way which makes it quicker and easier to achieve, come and spend a day with me and other small firm owners at my next online workshop ‘Profitable Practice Growth Secrets For Small Law Firms where we’ll work together to analyse exactly which obstacles or challenges are slowing you down and create a specific action plan to overcome them so you can double your fee income without working more hours. See the full agenda for the workshop, read testimonials about real results other lawyers have had, and check ticket availability HERE.



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