By michelle_pgs | April 6, 2017

In this video you’ll discover the one simple change to your marketing that will attract 67% more of your ideal clients. If you want additional help with this, click the button below to book your 15 minute ‘Focus Session’ with me.

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Is your marketing ignoring most of your ideal clients?

Most marketing isn’t as effective as it could be because it only targets those looking to buy ‘now’.

That’s because it is ‘here I am’ marketing. This kind of marketing (whether it’s on your website, in your leaflets or adverts, or what you say when you meet people) follows this kind of format……

“here’s the name of my firm, here’s the services we offer, here’s how to contact us….”

This is a mistake because it only ‘speaks’ to those potential clients who already know they need your help and are just trying to decide who should help them. In most cases that’s likely to be just 3% of the potential clients you could help with any particular service.

What about those potential clients who have a problem or issue that you can help with, but either don’t know they have the problem, or don’t know why it’s important enough to invest in your advice? If you only use ‘here I am’ marketing, it won’t ‘speak’ to those potential clients because they don’t know why they need you. So you’ll miss out on the instructions they could bring.

If you don’t want to ignore the huge percentage of your ideal clients who need your help but aren’t actively looking for it, you need to use a different kind of marketing message – one that educates your prospective client about why they need your services and why they should choose you to provide it. I call this ‘Education-Based Marketing’.

To find out how to use Education-Based Marketing which ‘speaks’ to 67% more of your ideal clients – not just those who already know they need your help – watch the video above (no registration required). 

Although this video was originally created with lawyers in mind, the mistakes and the fixes that I teach in this video will apply to you if you provide any kind of professional or expert service to your clients.

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