By michelle_pgs | April 25, 2016

Do you find yourself over-worked and rushing around without really having the time to plan for the future growth of your practice?

In this video, I want to show you how to use a technique called ‘The Power of Pause’ to help you avoid stress and overwhelm and instead give yourself time to get crystal clear about where you need to put your focus to get the results you want.

So What’s the Power of Pause?

It’s a simple technique that allows you time to pause, reflect back on what’s happened, and plan out what you need to do next.

It’s a technique I teach to all my clients in my Profitable Practice Programme and one I use myself – in fact, I’ve just used it in my own business to help me get focused as was approaching my financial year-end.

You see I was rushing around, trying to get things finalized before year-end – getting new clients enrolled in programs, ensuring projects were completed, and making sure everything was nicely wrapped up for the end of the financial year. But I realized I was only thinking about what was on my immediate to-do list and I was missing out on the opportunity to make sure my next financial year was going to get off to a flying start.

So when you find yourself in this kind of situation – rushing around and focusing only on the NOW and not the FUTURE, here’s what you need to do. Set aside 60 minutes to press ‘pause’ on you and your business. No phone calls, no emails, no interruptions. Just you, a pen, and a worksheet.
What do you do in these 60 minutes? You get time to reflect on the year or period that has just passed and to plan how the next year or next period should be different.

It enables you to check whether you’re on course for your goals, or whether you need to course-correct.
It gives you a chance to congratulate yourself for the successes you’ve had (how often do you do that) as well as to identify the areas of your business than need more focus in the coming months.

You can use The Power of Pause anytime in the year – it’s great for any time you feel overwhelmed and overworked. It will help you get re-focused on your priorities and help you plan out the months and year ahead.

How To Do It

To get the most from my ‘Power of Pause’ sessions I have a special worksheet called ‘Review, Refocus and Re-Plan Tool’ which I use to help me record my successes, identify where I need to focus my efforts, and plan out my next steps. I created for clients in my Profitable Practice Programme, but if you’d like a copy please Click the yellow button below, at the end of this post and I’ll send it to you straight away.

This Tool will talk you through the three steps of Reviewing what’s gone well in the last 3 months (or more), Refocusing on what your goals and priorities are, and re-planning your next steps to make sure you’re on track to meet those goals and priorities.

To get your copy of the worksheet, click the button below and it will be with you in a few minutes. The only other thing you need to do is book your ‘Power of Pause’ session into your diary right now.

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