By michelle_pgs | August 12, 2022

Do you ever wish there was a simple ‘secret’ you could learn that would dramatically accelerate your practice growth?

Well, there is… but it may not be what you expect.

You might be expecting this secret to be a magic marketing technique to bring you more enquiries.

Or maybe you’re expecting a ‘silver bullet’ to cure your staff challenges.

Or maybe a ‘quick win’ growth strategy.

But the secret I’m talking about is not anything external.

The secret is about something that’s already inside you: it’s your internal momentum.

When you have internal momentum, you feel motivated to take action (consistently) to achieve your goals, and it feels easy and enjoyable to do it.  Sometimes it even feels like you “can’t not take action” (I know it’s a double negative, but do you know what I mean?).

You’ll know that your internal momentum is switched off when you don’t feel motivated, every step feels like hard work, and you don’t enjoy it.

If you want to accelerate your practice growth, you need to switch this internal momentum on. The best way to do this is to look at other areas of your life where you can see it’s already switched on, or where it’s been switched on in the past.

Your internal momentum is probably already switched on for your favourite hobby, or for spending time with your family. And do you remember the last time you fell in love and how motivated you were to make time to see that person and develop that relationship – that was internal momentum at work.

In almost every case, internal momentum is generated by one thing: a passion for the outcome.

Take action

What outcome are you passionate about when it comes to your practice? Is it helping clients? Developing a team? Generating income for you and your loved ones?

When you get clear about – and connect with – the outcome you’re passionate about, you’ll switch on your internal momentum. And that’s the secret to accelerating your practice growth.

Sometimes our passion for the outcome (e.g. to help more clients, increase income, reduce working hours) gets clouded by worrying about ‘how’ we can achieve it. Getting clear on the ‘how’ – and seeing what’s really possible – is a great way to kick-start momentum.

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