By michelle_pgs | September 20, 2022


I shared this skiing tip with my Profitable Practice lawyers in one of our recent coaching sessions to help them overcome their practice growth challenges. It might help you too.

In January 2005 (just after I had quit my job as a city lawyer) I was in France having a ski lesson to improve my off-piste skiing.

It was a cold, cloudy day, and the visibility wasn’t good, so I was feeling a bit anxious about being off-piste.

My ski instructor, Lucy, stopped just as we approached the top of a slope with lots of trees, and I immediately started to feel nervous.

I didn’t like the idea of skiing through trees because I was scared I would hit one.

“Don’t focus on the trees unless you want to hit them!” Lucy told me.

“But how am I supposed to avoid the trees if I don’t pay attention to them?” I asked, with a growing sick feeling in my stomach.

She smiled.

“If you want to go between the trees, you need to focus on the space between the trees. Wherever you put your focus is where you will go.”

Sure enough, by focusing on the space between the trees, rather than the trees themselves, I was able to navigate my way through them without any collisions or ’emergency stop’ moments!

When we have obstacles or challenges to deal with, if we only focus on them, they’re all we’ll see. We’ll keep ‘hitting’ those trees.

But when we look for the space between the trees, we’ll be able to see a way to get past them – because we’ll be focusing on solutions rather than problems.

When growing your legal practice, there will always be trees along the way. So you need to focus on finding the path between them so they don’t slow your practice growth journey down.

Take action

Keep your focus on the space between the ‘trees’!

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