By michelle_pgs | November 9, 2013

You`ve probably heard this said before, but are you still guilty of it?

Some of you will know that I recently got married (to a wonderful man!) and those of you who have planned a big wedding day will know how many hours of planning it takes. Our wedding was no exception – we started planning 8 months in advance, and it seemed like every weekend was taken up with schedules and spreadsheets, and plans.

When it came to the day itself, some of our friends and family raised eyebrows when they saw the detailed running order and schedule for the day – but by the end of the day, I think they realized that all that planning was a major reason why the day went so smoothly.

That got me thinking about how much time we spend planning the other important areas of our lives. My husband and I spent hours, or rather days, planning our wedding, which was entirely appropriate because it was a very important day. But what about how much time we typically spend planning other important parts of our lives? What about your plans for business growth? When was the last time you devoted ‘hours` to working ON your business, not just in it?

If the answer is ‘not very recently’ then perhaps it’s time you took some time out – away from the day-to-day work of your business – to plan what is probably the most important aspect of your business: it’s future.

Your business’ future is your future. So isn’t it time you planned to succeed?

If so, set aside some time in your diary right now. Book an appointment with yourself and give it as much priority as you would a meeting with someone very important. After all, you and your business deserve that.

Happy planning.

P.S. If you know that you put off planning because you aren’t sure what direction you need to go in, or what strategies you need to implement to get there, then book in for a 15-minute Focus Session with me and I’ll help you get really clear on the next step for you. To check the dates and times available for a Focus Session click

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