Two strategies that doubled this lawyer's fee income without working more hours

By michelle_pgs | May 1, 2024

Two strategies that doubled this lawyer's fee income without working more hours

Doubling your fee income whilst working fewer hours might sound like a pipedream.

But it doesn’t have to be…

Recently, one of my ‘Profitable Practice’ law firm owners told me he had doubled his fee income to £550,000 in the previous 12 months whilst reducing his working hours to 4 days a week.

When Anthony first came to me more than a year ago he was overworked and overwhelmed, and his firm’s growth was flatlining.

All those extra hours he was putting in were not translating into growth.

He was stressed and had run out of steam – and it showed.

12 months on, he was looking relaxed and satisfied. He has that look of someone who set a bold target and achieved it.

I asked him which of the Profitable Practice Accelerator strategies I’d recommended had contributed most to these results.

He told me that two key strategies had provided the biggest results.

First, raising his fees 3 times within a 12 month period had significantly helped his firm increase monthly fee income. He said “We would never have had the confidence to make those increases without your ‘Fee Increase Safety Net’ system and your support”.

Second, he’d freed up a day a week of his own time by using our ‘Team Amplifier’ system to delegate not just tasks but responsibilities to other team members.

But these two strategies aren’t the answer for every firm.

Anthony is getting great results because he’s installing the right systems and strategies in the right order based on his specific circumstances.

Take action

If you want to identify the exact systems and strategies your firm needs right now to increase your clients, fee income, and profits (whilst reducing your working hours) then here’s my recommendation…

You first need to identify what’s holding you back or slowing you down from getting those results (the obstacles) and the opportunities you’re missing out on.

You then need a prescription for the right strategies and systems to overcome those obstacles and maximise the opportunities you have.

And you might need expert help to get the right prescription for you.

You can get my help with both identifying the obstacles and getting the right prescription to overcome them at my next online seminar for lawyers. You’ll leave this online seminar with a specific prescription for the strategies your firm needs to increase your clients, fee income, and profits, without working more hours – based on your specific circumstances.


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