By michelle_pgs | July 18, 2022

“We’re spending a lot of time and money on advertising and marketing but it doesn’t bring us many inquiries – we’re mostly relying on referrals.“

I hear this so often and it makes my heart sink.

Sometimes I also hear comments like “We’ve just spent £10k with an agency and still didn’t get results“.

More sinking.

Have you ever wondered why your marketing and business development activities don’t work as well as you’d hoped?

Or why does it seem to cost too much (in time or money) for the results they bring?

In 99% of cases, the answer is… because your marketing and business development activities don’t address ‘The 3 Whys‘.

‘The 3 Whys’ your clients need to understand before they will work with you are:

  1. Why do they need your help (i.e. what problem do they have, or what goal do they want to achieve that you can help with)?
  2. Why it’s worth it for them to get your professional help with that issue (i.e. what’s the benefit to them in terms of problems avoided, time or money saved, or benefits gained, and how does that balance with the cost of getting your help)?
  3. Why they should choose you rather than your competitors?

Take action

Have a look at your recent marketing and business development communications – website copy, seminar, talk, newsletter, pitch, and emails – do they really answer ‘The 3 Whys’ from your client’s point of view?

If not…. what do you need to change?

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