By michelle_pgs | November 10, 2022

You’re probably not a bodybuilder.

But if you were, you’d need to train in a certain way to keep improving your strength and technique.

Your training programme would need to be tailored specifically to you – based on the end goal you had set for yourself and, most importantly, your starting point.

The exercises that work for ‘newbies’ wouldn’t be any good if you were an experienced bodybuilder. And vice versa – you can’t start deadlifting 200kg, you need to build up to it!

You’d need the right strategies for you.

It’s the same for law firm owners who want to grow their firms.

You need the right growth strategies based on:

  • the goals you want to achieve (e.g. number or types of clients, monthly fee income targets, profitability levels); and
  • where you’re starting from (i.e. your current level of client numbers, fee income, and profits).

Picking the right strategies for your specific firm is essential to avoid wasting time, money, and effort on the wrong ones – there’s no point in investing in advanced strategies in areas where you haven’t yet implemented the basics and adding more ‘newbie’ strategies won’t get you the best results if you are ready for the accelerated results that come from advanced strategies.

This is why there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ set of strategies for growing your law firm.

Take action

You must do the work of identifying which strategies your firm needs, and in which order before you spend time, money, and effort implementing them.

If you aren’t sure about which are the best strategies for your firm or the order in which you should implement them, then your top priority should be to find out.

And given the increasing economic challenges we’re facing, now might be a good time to get professional advice to make sure you’re using the best growth strategies for your firm.

If you’d like my professional advice on which strategies will work best for your firm (and the best way to implement them effectively), come and spend a day with me and other small firm owners at my next online workshop ‘Profitable Practice Growth Secrets For Small Law Firms. In this small workshop, we’ll work together to analyse the weak points and opportunities within your firm or practice area and create a bespoke ‘Accelerator Plan’ to keep your firm growing profitably regardless of the economic climate. Plus, you’ll learn specific ‘Accelerator’ strategies to ‘Magnetise Clients’ and ‘Neutralise Fee Resistance’ so you can continue to attract high-paying clients in the coming months. See the full agenda for the workshop, read testimonials about the real results of other lawyers have had and check ticket availability HERE.


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