Do you want more 'Ideal' clients for your law firm or legal practice and to Increase Your Fee Income and Profits Without Working More Hours?

Are you the owner of a small firm, a sole practitioner or legal consultant or a partner in a small to mid-sized firm with responsibility for practice growth and business development?

If so, do you want to…

  • Attract clients rather than go out hunting for them
  • Have a never-ending waiting list of your ideal clients who understand the value of your services and are happy to pay your fees without quibbling
  • Build a highly profitable practice without adding more hours to your working day?

If you want these results, but you aren’t getting them as fast as you’d like, then you need to find out what is slowing you down or stopping you…..(so you can fix it).

Are you experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

  • Your marketing and business development activities are not bringing you as many enquiries as you need to achieve your growth targets
  • The enquiries you are getting are not from your ideal clients or are from clients who are reluctant to pay your fees
  • Not enough of your enquiries turn into paying clients, meaning potential clients are slipping through your fingers
  • You feel like you’re spending too much time or money (or both) on getting new clients
  • You’re concerned that you’re missing out on opportunities to make more of the clients you already have
  • It seems like you don’t have time to grow your practice or make it more profitable

If so, you need to identify the the root cause of these symptoms before you can create an effective plan to overcome them. (NB: the root cause will be different for each firm or practice and will depend on who your ideal clients are).

To answer this critical question, book a 15 minute 'Focus’ session with me (by phone, no charge) and we’ll work together to identify what’s slowing you down or stopping you from getting the result you want AND what’s really causing that.

Once we know the answer, I’ll be able to show you what you need to do to get clients and increase your profits without working more hours.

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