Why Marketing is Like Dating (but you shouldn’t rush into marriage)

By michelle_pgs | September 28, 2023

Why Marketing is Like Dating (but you shouldn’t rush into marriage)

At an online workshop I ran recently, I discussed the importance of ‘niche marketing’ to attract your ideal clients.

Some lawyers worry that focusing your marketing on a specific target audience (‘niche’) risks missing out on potential clients from outside that niche.

They worry they’ll get fewer new clients overall.

But the reverse is usually true.

When you focus on a specific niche, you’re able to create marketing that is much more attractive to that niche, and the higher number of enquiries (and therefore clients) will far outweigh any ‘missed’ enquiries from other types of clients.

For example, Juliet Ralph (owner of Robinson Ralph Employment Solicitors) has just sent me this testimonial about the effectiveness of the ‘Client Magnet’ downloadable guide we created for her to target her niche of employers by offering in-house training sessions as an initial step:

The Client Magnet has been nothing short of a game-changer. With over 1,000 downloads and counting, it has proven to be a powerful tool for getting in front of and attracting prospective clients. Since the release of the Client Magnet, our employment training bookings have soared, with a 270% increase already this year, compared to last – and the enquiries keep on coming!”

When niche marketing is done well, the increase in the targeted area of work will more than outweigh the occasional missed opportunity from outside the niche.

Besides, ‘niche marketing’ doesn’t mean ‘niche practice’.

In other words, just because you’re targeting a specific niche with your marketing, you don’t have to limit the types of work you’ll actually do. Enquiries for other types of work or from outside the niche you’re targeting will still come from referrals, repeat clients, networking, sponsorship, your website, etc. and you can still take those instructions.

And, even if you’re doing niche marketing, you don’t have to commit to that niche forever.

You can ‘date’ your niche for a while.

Try some targeted marketing for a specific type of client or type of work. See if that niche works well for you. See if you enjoy doing work for those kinds of clients.

If not, move on to the next niche.

You don’t have to ‘marry’ your niche – at least not before you’ve ‘dated’ it for a while.

Take action

If you were to ‘date’ a specific niche for the next 90 days, which one would you pick?

If you’d like to test out niche marketing for your own law firm or legal practice, then the first step is to create a powerful ‘Client Magnet’ guide or report to attract clients in your target niche. Your Client Magnet needs to be highly valuable and attractive to those specific clients. At my brand NEW workshop next month, I’ll be walking you through the exact steps to create your own ‘Client Magnet’ guide or report to attract enquiries from your ideal clients and turn them into consultation appointments in your calendar.

This workshop is based on the principles outlined in my best-selling book ‘The Client Magnet Formula For Lawyers’ and now I’ll be doing a deeper dive into the ‘how to’ of creating your own Client Magnet. I’ll also demonstrate how you can easily automate the Client Magnet marketing process so you can let it do the hard work for you whilst you get on with client work.

If you’d like to attend this ‘Client Magnet Attraction System’ Workshop, you can check dates and ticket availability (and see testimonials), click HERE.


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